Add sidebar modules to your blog

Click on the "Customize" tab on the Design settings page then click on the "Sidebar" item to modify or add modules to the sidebar section on your blog.

  • Click on the "+ Add module" button to install more modules.
  • Use your mouse to arrange modules in the order that you like, by dragging and dropping them.
  • Click on "Edit" to edit modules, or "Delete" to remove them.
Module Description
Profile Display your Hatena Blog profile.
Search Display a search box for your blog entries.
Links Display links related to your blog.
Recent entries Display blog entries in the order that they have been posted (most recent first). You can also access your domain name followed by /archive to see a list of your entries.
Monthly Archive Display a monthly or yearly summary of your blog entries. Click on the month or the year to see a list of what you posted during that time. The list can be displayed or hidden by clicking on the triangular icon to the left of the year. Monthly entries from the most recent year will be displayed when users first access the page.
Category Display a list of categories for blog entries that you have posted. You can choose to display the order in three ways: "Recently Used Categories", "Most Used Categories", or "Alphabetical".
Recent Comments Display the most recent comments that have been posted on your blog. Choose to display either the most recent 5, 10, 15, or 20 comments.
HTML Use HTML here as you like, or paste the HTML for blog widgets. (Use blog widgets and social media plug-ins) You can also use HTTP Notation (a Hatena format for displaying URLs in non-traditional way) or ASIN Notation (a Hatena format for introducing items on here, or other types of Hatena notation code for displaying inline formats.
Groups Joined Displays the Hatena Blog groups that you have joined. (Blog Groups)

Details of the "Profile" module

The following settings can be made with the "Profile" module.

Item Description
Title You can set a custom title for the profile area.
Profile image Show your Hatena profile icon that is set in your "My Hatena" settings.
Hatena ID Choose to display your Hatena ID in the profile section or not. Please note that your Hatena ID is also displayed at the end of your blog entries, and on the footer of your blog pages which is not changed by this setting.
Blog description You can display a description for your blog. Hatena Notation can also be used here. The initial settings for this will be taken from the description you entered on the "Settings" section of your blog's Dashboard. Please note that the description here and on the "Settings" section of your blog's Dashboard are different, and editing one will not change the other.
Subscribe button Display a button to allow readers to subscribe to your blog (Subscribe to blogs)
Add Friend button Allow readers to add you as a friend on Facebook with this button.
Facebook Subscribe button Allow readers to subscribe to you on Facebook with this button.
Follow button Allow readers to follow you on Twitter with this button.

Facebook and Twitter functionality can only be enabled if you have turned on your External Service Settings. If you wish to enable the Facebook "Subscribe" button, you will need to change your settings on Facebook to "Allow subscribers".

About page

If you add /about after the URL for any domain name on Hatena Blog, you can view information about the person who posted that blog. The page shows the Hatena ID of the user and their profile image. This function cannot be disabled.