Reading blogs

Several different privacy settings can be used on Hatena Blog

  • Blogs set to "Public" mode can be accessed and read by anyone.
  • Blogs with custom privacy settings can only be accessed and read by authorized users.
  • Blogs which require Question Authenication can only be accessed and read by users who can answer a question correctly.

All of your blog entries will be searched when a user enters terms into the search tool.

Subscribe to blogs to check them easily

You can subscribe to blogs that interest you on Hatena Blog. Check the latest updates to blogs you are subscribed to on your "Dashboard".

The Dashboard can be accessed by clicking on "Settings" in the page header.

Subscribe to blogs

Click on the "Subscribe" button in the blog sidebar (in the Profile module) to subscribe to a blog. After you have subscribed, you can easily check the latest entries in the blog from your Dashboard.

For certain blog designs, the "Subscribe" button may appear at the bottom of the sidebar.

When someone subscribes to your blog, you will be notified in the "Your notifications" section of the page header.

Blog subscribers list

A list of a blog's subscribers can be viewed on the blog's "About" page. The subscribers list is displayed to all users.


If you click on the icons displayed for subscribers you can see the main blog posted by those users. Please note that if a subscriber does not have their main blog set to "Public", then the subscriber will not be listed in the subscribers list.

Unsubscribe from blogs

If you wish to unsubscribe from a blog, access the blog's page. The "Subscribe" button in the sidebar changes to "Subscribed" for blogs that you had subscribed to. Simply click on the "Subscribed" button to unsubscribe from a blog.