Change the design of your blog

Click on the "Design" button on the left side of the management screen for your blog. The design settings sidebar will appear, and you can preview how your blog will look as your make changes.

The "Back to Admin" and "Update Design" buttons are displayed at the top of the design settings panel. Your changes will not be applied until you click on "Update Design".

There are two tabs in the design settings panel which are "Themes" and "Customize". Change the entire look of your blog by setting a theme displayed in the "Themes" tab, or customize the sidebar and other specific parts of your blog in the "Customize" tab.

Design themes

Hatena Blog themes designed by Hatena are displayed under the "Design" tab. You can also see themes designed by Hatena Blog users by accessing the "Theme Store".


You can customize various parts of your blog. Click on the item name for the part of your blog that you wish to modify to make changes.

Item Description
Background image/ Background color Customize your blog by changing the background color or background image.
Header Upload an image to display in the header, or customize the HTML in the header. (Use blog widgets and social media plug-ins)
Entry Add or remove social media plug-ins or blog widgets to your blog, or customize the HTML used in the section below your blog entries. (Use blog widgets and social media plug-ins)
Sidebar You can install modules such "Search" or "Recent Entries" here. Click on "+ Add module" to install new modules, or rearranging the order modules are displayed by moving them with your mouse. (Add sidebar modules to your blog)
Footer You can freely modify the HTML used in the footer section of your blog entries. (Use blog widgets and social media plug-ins)
Stylesheet Modify the CSS stylesheet to fully customize the look of your blog.