Blog Groups

Blog Groups connect blogs with common themes into communities where people can share their thoughts and ideas.

Features of Blog Groups

Blog groups have the following useful features:

  • A "Blogs in this group" list is displayed
  • A list of recently updated blogs in the group is displayed.

Joining and leaving groups

You can freely join or leave groups as you wish. Click on the "Join" or "Leave" buttons to associate or disassociate your blog with a group.

How to join a group

Joining a group is easy. Choose the blog that that you wish to associate with a group, and then click the "Join" button.

How to leave a group

Access your "Groups joined" list and click on the "X" next to the name of the group that you wish to leave .

Groups you have joined

View a list of the groups that you have joined by accessing your Dashboard and clicking on the "Groups joined" tab.

Create your own blog group

All users of Hatena Blog can create their own groups.

  1. Select the "Groups joined" tab on your Dashboard
  2. Click on "Create new group"
  3. Choose a group name, description, icon, and blogs to associate with the group.
  4. Click on "Create group" to finish.

Managing groups

You can change the group name, description, and icon at any time from "Group settings" on the group's page.

Important notes about privacy

  • Groups can be viewed by anyone on the internet. It is not possible to make a private or secret group.
  • Please use only groups with "Public" privacy settings in groups. If you add a group with a privacy setting other than "Public" the title and the URL will become visible to third-parties.