Add photos or images to your blog entries

Use the sidebar on the right side of the entry window to add images to your blog entries. You can upload new images, or select previously uploaded images to use in your blog entries.

With "WYSIWYG Mode" you can see exactly how your images will appear in your blog as you edit. "Hatena Notation Mode" will allow you to edit the Hatena Notation code to modify how your images are displayed.

Upload a new image to use in your blog

  • Click the "Upload photo" button and choose a photo to upload from your computer. The photo will automatically be added to your blog entry and uploaded to Hatena Fotolife, Hatena's free online photo sharing service. You can upload a maximum of 30 MB of images per month to Hatena Fotolife.
  • When using some browsers such as Internet Explorer, a "Select" button may appear in place of the "Upload photo" button. In this case, please use the "Select" button to upload your photos.
  • Hatena Blog will upload your photos to a directory named "Hatena Blog" unless you specify otherwise. The privacy settings for the "Hatena Blog" folder are set to "Private". You can upload your photos to other folders by choosing a different one from the pulldown menu directly below the "Upload photo" button.
The latest versions of Firefox, Google Chrome, and Safari allow you to drag and drop images to the "Upload photo" button, or to the list of photos to upload them.

Use previously uploaded images in your blog

  • If you have previously uploaded images to Hatena Fotolife, you can use them in your blog entries too. Click the "Upload photo" button on the sidebar on the right side of the entry window, and a list of your previously uploaded images will be displayed. You can choose photos from different folders by using the pulldown menu directly below the "Upload photo" button.
  • To add previously uploaded images to your blog, click on the photo(s) that you wish to use, and then click on "Post the selected images" button to add them. You can select more than one image at a time.