Editing Modes

Hatena Blog has three different editing modes.


When you first create your blog, WYSIWYG mode will be enabled. If you don't understand Hatena Notation or know how to use HTML tags, we recommend that you use this mode.

If you are accustomed to using Hatena Notation and HTML tags in your blog entries, we recommend you use Hatena Notation Mode.


Preview how your blog will look when it is published as you make it with WYSIWYG Mode. You can switch between the "WYSIWYG Mode", "Edit HTML" and "Preview" tabs when using this mode

Hatena Notation Mode

This mode is for experienced users who wish to use Hatena Notation and HTML tags in blog entries. You can switch between the "Edit" and "Preview" tabs when using this mode.

Using Hatena Notation

You can use Hatena's original syntax,Hatena Notation, with this mode.
For examples about what you can do with Hatena Notation please see Hatena Diary Help (in Japanese only).

  • Not all types of Hatena Notation can be used on Hatena Blog.
  • Some Hatena Notation may have different results on Hatena Blog than on other Hatena online services.。

Markdown Mode

You can use Markdown notation on Hatena Blog. Markdown is commonly used for making web documents on services including Github and Tumblr.